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walrus symphonica 16.6 in x 37.5 in Archival Injet Print


lightbulb flower 8.8 in x 7 in Archival Inkjet Print

The best art only asks questions and never reveals its secrets. Cleveland based artist Andrew Raz a Tyler School of Art MFA graduate creates dark muddled works that parse meaning through the seemingly random collision of data and images.  As a body of work Mr. Raz’s digitally created and manipulated images seem like film stills or random data received by radio on another planet. They come together like someone adjusting the rabbit ears on a UHF station trying to grab the strongest signal, sometimes seeing a recognizable image then losing it just as fast to static. Individually, Raz’s images are sublime layers of digital glazes that let snippets of information through while obscuring the rest. The end creation is a dense, textured and rich surface of digital patterns and waves rendered  with an intense array of values. The images allude to a digital mash-up of Robert Rauschenberg, Joel Peter Witkin and random surveillance camera stills.  Some seem oddly religious and others resonate with unease as strange body forms appear as if shots from a gritty 8mm snuff film. Raz’s images occupy a thin edge between an empty, dark and isolated digital world and a the spiritual idea of infinity, time and space. They offer up clues but no answers and force the viewer to conclude what side to take. Darth Vader says “Come to the Dark Side” and God says “Come to the light.”



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